Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stimulus praise

In a statement released by the Associated General Contractors of America, CEO Stephen E. Sandherr praised the stimulus package and its effect on funding projects and putting people back to work. "Our member companies involved in highway and transit construction have been pleased with the speed with which the federal government and its state partners have been able to move in identifying and awarding stimulus-funded projects," Sandherr said. "Indeed, our member companies have consistently cited the transportation program as a model for being able to quickly and effectively fund projects in a way that puts construction workers back to work promptly while restoring America's aging infrastructure. Given the extremely challenging economic environment our contractors are operating in, with significant declines in private-sector construction activity, it is hard to imagine how much worse conditions would be if not for the stimulus. The bottom line is our members are eager and anxious to get to work rebuilding America's economy, and the stimulus is helping them do just that." -- Brian Richesson

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